Stoklosa School Holiday Bazaar Needs Wrapping Paper & Holiday Gift Bags


Every year the Stoklosa School holds a Holiday Bazaar where school children may purchase gift items for their family members, that have been collected and donated by the Stoklosa staff.

Children are able to choose gifts for their families AND wrap their gifts to be taken home for giving.

Here’s how YOU can help. They need donations of wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape and holiday gift bags. If you’re like me, over the years, you’ve amassed quite a collection of gift wrap supplies. The children who participate in the Holiday Bazaar at the Stoklosa would surely appreciate any donations of these items.

If you wish to deal directly with the Stoklosa staff, the person you would connect with is Linda Comilla and you can email her directly at or you can email me at and would be more than happy to pick up whatever supplies you can spare.

I had the opportunity to visist the Stoklosa School today and was so very impressed. More to come